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If you’ve ever visited Manchester City Centre then you may have noticed some small rainbow coloured mosaics set into the pavement here and there. These pick out the landmarks in Manchester’s LGBT Heritage Trail.

In this show I speak to guide Jon Atkin about the background to the trail and then we visit a couple of the landmarks. If you're interested in organising a tour for a group of friends then call the Manchester Tourist Information Line on 0871 222 8223

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  • Fizz

    They forgot to mention the LGBT centre on Sidney Street. Paul Martin O.B.E got his start in business with the help of Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester, Cllr Paul Fairweather used to be a volunteer there.

    It was purpose built specifically for the LGBT residents of Manchester over 25 years ago and is still the home of many LGBT social and support groups.

    Unfortunately it’s not included on the tour, which focuses on the centre of the city (I suspect because it would add too much distance to the tour), but it’s an important piece of LGBT history and a tribute to the diversity of Manchester.

    Jun 12, 2012 at 10:55 am