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The use of online audio and video media to discuss and promote Equality, Diversity and Human Rights is still relatively young. Although other Podcasts have come and gone, and some projects and individuals have utilised the global platform provided by You Tube, the field is still developing. Nevertheless, there is now enough to begin to chart some of the resources that are out there...

Equality and Human Rights Commission

In 2007 the new Equality and Human Rights Commission took a very welcome lead by launching a periodically updated You Tube channel to showcase its' own professionally made films about diverse experiences, and some of the issues of the day.

Celebr8, Don't Discrimin8

In 2008 the North West Region's annual celebration of Equality and Diversity, "celebr8, don't discrimin8" ran a competition for budding film makers and script writers to express what Diversity means to them. The five winning entries to "Celebr8 on the Silver Screen" were made into short films and are now showcased in this dedicated You Tube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/celebr8NW

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