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Peter Tatchell was once described as a “Homosexual Terrorist”. To some he has been “Public Enemy Number One”. His causes have spanned four decades and world affairs.

He’s campaigned on Capital Punishment, the Vietnam war, Apartheid, Environmental issues and LGBT rights – to name just a few.

He famously outed ten Church of England Bishops as Gay and accused them of hypocrisy. He performed a citizens arrest on (President of Zimbabwe) Robert Mugabe, on charges of torture.

He was nearly run over by Tony Blair’s motorcade once when campaigning against the Iraq war. He has often been arrested and beaten up by authorities. His direct activism methods are applauded by some but abhorred by others – and not just those on the receiving end.

In this interview, following a lecture to the Centre for Local Policy Research Summer School, I wanted to know what makes such a man tick? What fires him up? And does he ever envisage running out of steam?

You can learn more about Peter's career history and his extensive writing on his web site www.petertatchell.net

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  • Christina

    Thanks for another excellent interview, Christine.

    Peter Tatchell, like anyone who is willing to rock the boat, often gets criticised unfairly. He is unrivalled as a human and civil rights campaigner. He does not just campaign for people who are gay, like him, but for any and all people who are marginalised, abused, discriminated against, or worse. He is a selfless campaigner, often putting his own safety at risk.

    I find this podcast inspiring!

    Jul 3, 2009 at 12:28 pm
  • Felix Garnet-Simister

    Another fascinating podcast, Christine - thank you! Great to hear Tatchell still has fire in his belly and the maturity to express himself so forcefully yet respectfully. This was an inspiration to me, too! :-) X

    Jul 6, 2009 at 8:47 pm